KULBRUXMUN is a MUN-team from the Catholic University of Leuven, Campus Brussels. Our society was established in October 2013 by Ivan Westerhof after he participated in an MEU conference. Our campus did not have a debating team so he founded the very first MUN team with only 10 members. Today our society counts 40 members and has participated in multiple MUN and MEU conferences all around the world.


MUN, or Model United Nations, is a simulation of the United Nations (UN) on a university level. MUN aims to educate participants about international law, pressing current world issues, effective communication, globalisation and diplomacy. In MUN, students participate as “delegates” from the UN Member States and simulate UN committees. Through MUN you will get involved in debates, who contribute to your world view and knowledge of international relations. Furthermore, you will make friends from all across the world, while developing your public speaking skills, negotiation and critical thinking!

Our members are selected after a rigorous selection process in the beginning of each academic year. Once inside the team we train weekly on all the different aspects of a conference. The trainings are intensified approaching a conference week. Not forgetting to have fun we also throw fun team building activities such as dinners, hangouts and photo shoots to keep the team spirit high.

KULBRUXMUN and Brussels Model European Union (BMEU) share the same founder. Therefore, we are also involved in the organisation of BMEU.

Executive board

Jelle Borghijs


Our President this year is Jelle Borghijs, a born and raised Belgian and a third year student Handelswetenschappen. Starting his MUN career 3 years ago, he has done multiple conferences all around the world and hopes to add some chair experience this year. Moving on from handling all our external affairs as General Secretary, Jelle is extremely enthusiastic about heading the team as President this year, and hopes to build on his predecessor's work. He's always in for a good joke and a laugh and if you ever try to bribe him, try doing so with donuts!

Klaas Francken

Vice-President (Permanent Delegation)

Our Vice President (Permanent Delegation) is third year Law student, Klaas Francken. Klaas is a globetrotter who is intrigued by how societies work and how to make the world a better place. He is a passionated voluntary worker, believing that working together is the way to achieve a global improvement. After all his hard work last year organising and championing the academic side of our organisation, our members unanimously elected Klaas for a second term. Delighted by all the different and interesting personalities in our team, he is overwhelmed with enthusiasm to see all the talent, to make new friends, to develop opinions, to travel, and to experience a new year of growing in the MUN world!

Selma Huart

Vice-President (Political Society)

Our Vice President (Political Society) is Selma Huart. Being in her third year of Business Administration and her second year of the KULBRUXMUN team, Selma is bursting with ideas on increasing student awareness on politics and policy making. Born in Brussels and surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere that the capital offers, she understands the necessity to take part in the Model United Nations experience. Selma likes traveling and being out of her comfort zone. Willing to expand her skills, to make new discoveries and to meet new people, she is also willing to expand her knowledge. She believes that this year will be full of achievement for the team!

Victoria Carels

Director of Marketing and Finance

Our Director of Marketing and Finance is third year Business Administration student, Victoria Carels. She has been passionate about the KULBRUXMUN experience from Day 1, and couldn't wait to take on this new challenge in only her second year on the team. After a stint at handling our Instagram, our members did not have to think twice before unanimously electing Victoria to handle all of our social media, external communication and finances. Beyond all her new responsibilities, you can easily spot Victoria cooking and eating desserts!

Fran Heylen

General Secretary

Our General Secretary is third year Handelswetenschappen student, Fran Heylen. It is Fran's second year on the team as she began her experience in Oxford and had a fruitful year getting her wings ready to fly! Fran loves to make new contacts and wants to explore the world. She is extremely motivated and ambitious about her new role and is more than ready to be the face of KULBRUXMUN's external affairs!

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Would you like to join us and become a KULBRUXMUN Member?

We hold a recruiting session once a year, in October. If you are a student at our campus and can not wait to apply, please provide us your email and motivation letter by email, we will contact you as soon as recruitment period has started!

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