KUL Brussels MUN (KULBRUXMUN) is an award-winning diplomacy simulation & public speaking team established in 2013.

Ever since its foundation, KULBRUXMUN has continuously grown its membership and reach. In October 2017 we had our biggest recruitment campaign to date and now we contain 36 members from all faculties of KULeuven campus Brussels ranging from Economics & Business, Law, and Linguistics. Our members are also part of organizing team of inter-university conferences such as Brussels Model EU 2018.

Awards won at conferences :

  • Harvard WorldMUN
  • HamMUN Hamburg
  • EuroMUN Maastricht
  • LIMUN London
  • OxiMUN Oxford
  • Brussels Model EU
  • KULBRUXMUN competes mainly in MUN (Model United Nations) conferences. Each delegate represents a country with pre-assigned global topic within an international organization framework. Here we debate and work together with students from other countries over a weekend to produce a paper laying out possible solutions. Other than public speaking, research, writing skills, negotiations are also honed and tested - all crucial professional skills in this changing age.

    To accommodate the growth, we have decided on expanding a new division of our team : the Political Society of Campus Brussels. Dedicated on creating outreach events to increase student engagement in current political issues through seminars and networking. The new division is our commitment of not just competing and talking on current issues, but also acting upon it and bringing more people into the discussion.

    Our members are selected after a rigorous selection process in the beginning of each academic year. Once inside the team we train weekly on all the different aspects of a conference. The trainings are intensified approaching a conference week. Not forgetting to have fun we also throw fun teambuilding activities such as dinners, hangouts and photo shoots to keep the team spirit high.

    Executive board


    Sahajanya Balaganesh

    Vice President

    Klaas Francken

    Vice President

    Fanny Everard

    General Secretary

    Jelle Borghijs

    Director of Finance and Marketing

    Muhammad Arkandiptyo


    MUN IBA Karachi


    Brussels Model European Union

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